Population Demography Of Northern Spotted Owls

The Northern Spotted Owl, a threatened species that occurs in coniferous forests in the western United States, has become a well-known environmental symbol. But how is the owl actually faring? This book contains the results of a long-term effort by a large group of leading researchers to document population trends of the Northern Spotted Owl. The study was conducted on 11 areas in the Pacific Northwest from 1985 to 2008, and its obje...

Commercializing Nanomedicine: Industrial Applications, Patents, And Ethics

The authors of this book address all individuals approaching the study of nanomedicine for the first time ever, as well as those already profitably working in the field either as scientists, doctors, lawyers, or entrepreneurs. Teeming with accurate, up-to-date, and enjoyable content, the book describes some enlightening facts and figures pertaining to the growing field of nanomedicine. Open problems and potentialities are identified ...

The Universe Within: Discovering The Common History Of Rocks, Planets, And People

**Kirkus Best Books of the Year (2013)** From one of our finest and most popular science writers, and the best-selling author of Your Inner Fish, comes the answer to a scientific mystery as big as the world itself: How are the events that formed our solar system billions of years ago embedded inside each of us? In Your Inner Fish, Neil Shubin delved into the amazing connections between human bodies—our hands, heads, and jaws—and the ...

Rémi Pin, L’évolution : De Darwin Aux Dernières Découvertes

Très clair et passionnant sur Darwin, Mendel, etc… Hélas beaucoup moins sur l'évolution elle-même ! Noté quelques approximations et même une erreur grossière sur les dinos (le sujet que je connais le mieux), je ne sais pas si le reste est du même acabit, je ne peux pas juger… mais du coup, je doute ! Il y a beaucoup plus clair sur le sujet, comme par exemple l'évolution de ph. Whitffield chez Nathan, mais qui n'a qu'un seul défaut : ...

On The Wing: Insects, Pterosaurs, Birds, Bats And The Evolution Of Animal Flight

Ask anybody what superpower they wished to possess and odds are the answer just might be the ability to fly. What is it about soaring through the air held up by the power of ones own body that has captivated humans for so long? David Alexander examines the evolution of flight in the only four animals to have evolved this ability: insects, pterosaurs, birds, and bats. With an accessible writing style grounded in rigorous research, Ale...

Animal Models Of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Providing a spectrum of models that is reflective of the various species that can be utilized in experimentation on disorders across a broad range of developmental disabilities, this volume collects expert contributions involved in investigation of the causes, outcomes, treatment, and prevention. Animal Models of Neurodevelopmental Disorders explores models of perinatal hypoxia-ischemia/cerebral palsy and stroke, autism spectrum diso...

The Rise Of Birds: 225 Million Years Of Evolution

A small set of fossilized bones discovered almost thirty years ago led paleontologist Sankar Chatterjee on a lifelong quest to understand their place in our understanding of the history of life. They were clearly the bones of something unusual, a bird-like creature that lived long, long ago in the age of dinosaurs. He called it Protoavis, and the animal that owned these bones quickly became a contender for the title of "oldest known ...

Yeast Metabolic Engineering: Methods And Protocols (methods In Molecular Biology)

Yeast Metabolic Engineering: Methods and Protocols provides the widely established basic tools used in yeast metabolic engineering, while describing in deeper detail novel and innovative methods that have valuable potential to improve metabolic engineering strategies in industrial biotechnology applications. Beginning with an extensive section on molecular tools and technology for yeast engineering, this detailed volume is not limite...

The Molecular Pathology Of Autoimmune Diseases

Remarkable advances have been made in the pathogenesis of autoimmunity, such as with bone marrow transplantation, which is becoming a powerful strategy in treating certain life-threatening diseases. The Molecular Pathology of Autoimmune Diseases is a concise and centralized resource for information on the topic, with a special focus on the molecular and genetic basis of these disorders. Dozens of international experts devote themselv...

Talens: Methods And Protocols

This volume provides a comprehensive collection of protocols on new technology across various model organisms.  Chapters describe species-specific methods to generate new mutants the content is completed by chapters on natural TAL effectors, TAL element DNA binding principles, TALEN target site prediction, and methods for the efficient construction of TALEN coding regions. While addition chapter focus on the application of TALEN as s...